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US ZK606 bluetooth speaker Black

360 Degree Sound and 24W Enhanced X-Bass

( 5 Reviews )

360 Degree Sound - Rich notes from wall to wall.

TWS Technology - Pair two speakers get the party going with thundering bass.

IPX6 Waterproof - Rain or shine, to see the world.

Compact & Portable - Ready for whatever/whenever/wherever.

Stylish and Solid - Durable fabric+rugged rubber housing with good looks to match.

$ 49.99


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    Who We Are

    As an emerging brand, Zamkol are committed to creating the exceed current standards Speaker for customers. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and hassle-free service. Whether you are an athlete, a new mom, a businessperson, a technical worker, a students, or a surfer dude, we hope for Zamkol to transform and enhance how you enjoy your music.

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    Available for Alexa

    ZK606 works great with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, amplifying Everything From Alexa.

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    Playing in the Rain

    Waterproof means you can listen effortlessly in any environment, perfect for shower, by the pool or beach, even playing in the rain. Rain or shine, to see the world.

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    Exclusive Theater Experience

    One is good, but two is even better. Pair two ZK606 speakers together for an experience that's just like the cinema. The combined output composes a more powerful wireless stereo system. Each speaker sold separately.

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    Fashionable and Portable Design

    Zamkol wireless speaker is just as durable as it is sleek - rugged rubber housing and durable fabric will survive years of wear and tear. It fit into a water bottle cage on a bicycle. Better for travel & hiking, superlight and easy to fit in your bag or backpack.

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    Zamkol Perfect Travel Speaker

    Zamkol Wireless Speaker is the ideal choice for Travel, Party and Home. Simple to use, yet stylish and practical, equipped with advanced TWS technology, it's sure to fill their heart with joy!The Best Thanksgiving Xmas Birthday Gift!

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    Instant Setup

    Use with phones, tablets and almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device. When the Zamkol Bluetooth speaker is reopening, it will automatically reconnects to the last device

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    Irresistible Finish

    Zamkol 's cylindrical edges and sleek controls accentuate its unibody design. Choose from red, teal, or black to perfectly complement your home and style.

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  • Item Dimensions

    2.7 x 2.8 x 7 in

  • Item Weight

    1.06 lbs

  • Speaker driver


  • Connection range


  • Frequency range

    150Hz to 15KHz

  • Battery

    Built in rechargeable 7.2V 2600mAh lithium ion battery

  • Unit weight

    480gram (17 ounce)



How long does the battery last?

Depending on the type of music, and the volume of the playback volume, rock music, 70% of the volume can be sustained 5-6H, other types of music can be used a bit longer.


Does it come with a charger

Yes it does.


Can i use it to tune into FM radio?

No, but you can connect with the FM radio via the AUX-IN Cable.


can i use with smartphone

Yes, you can. Any phone with Bluetooth


Is this very loud and does it have a good battery life ?

Yes the speaker has quality sound and can get pretty loud. The speaker life lasts for and average of 6 hrs.



( 5 Reviews )

Nice Clear Sound

Adam Mangett 12-30-2019


Very cool with the 360* sound. Definitely the closest to the "Boom" speaker I used to have. We have tried a couple in the last 6 months or so. we do alot of outdoor activities and always like to bring the tunes with us ! Small enough to throw in a small duffel bag and go. I wouldn't dunk it in the water but it got slashed a little and no problems. Would definitely recommend. Giving it 5 stars for being reliable. It does exactly what is advertised. Thanks

great speaker

Jackson 01-22-2019


A very great speaker for this price. Sound quality is really nice and it is water proof. Battery lasts long too, would totally recommend.

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